Smolder Tier one campaign is live on QuesTN

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Casual Blaster NFT LIVE


Elmo, also known the oldest elder of the ​Smolders, is ready to make its mark on Blast. ​The official "Smolder" NFT collection is set to ​launch on the Blast network soon.

Our approach to building an organic community ​revolves around three key principles:




The Smolder is dedicated to upholding these ​principles to ensure its legacy endures on the ​Blast network for generations to come.

The Casual Blaster NFT serves as your official ​key and early support pledge ID to Smolder. ​This unique NFT will grant you access to ​participate in the upcoming quests and ​activities.

For those eager to join the Smolder campaign, ​tasks and quests await, ensuring the first 10k ​spots for the EverFlames are secured. Our goal ​is to establish the deserved tiers for those ​who arrive first. There will be three tiers, ​with the highest tier reserved for those who ​demonstrate exceptional contribution and ​unwavering commitment to the Smolder


The minting price is set at 0.001 ETH plus gas fees. Approximately 2,000 Casual ​NFTs are reserved for future events. Click on the "Mint" button to proceed to ​the minting page. Sponsored by nfts2me